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Mathematics has become an important subject for all competitive exams. In addition, mathematics is required in all competitive examinations. And apart from being easily asked.In order to gain good speed on the subject of mathematics, one should pay more attention to its formulas so that all kinds of mathematical examples can be solved quickly.

Very useful online test and material for all the competitive exams issued by the Government of Gujarat will be provided here absolutely free so that your preparation goes in the right direction and your knowledge increases.In addition, a new current will be placed here every day which will be very useful for all the upcoming competitive exams.

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  1. Which state government announced the creation of a digital library to preserve manuscripts of which language?
    Ans. Sanskrit
  2. C. Partha Sarathi was appointed as the Election Commissioner of which state?
    Ans. Telangana
  3. In whose presence was the Indian Air Force formally inducted the Rafale fighter jet?
    Ans. Rajnath Singh, Florence Palli
  4. Which state’s CM unveiled the country’s first integrated air ambulance service?
    Ans. Karnataka
  5. Who won the Women’s Professional Football Association’s Player of the Year award?
    Ans. Bethany England
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  6. Bangladesh government launched a campaign called Asol Chini?
    Ans. To fight fake information and rumors spreading on social media
  7. The first trilateral talks were held between which three countries?
    Ans. India, France, Australia
  8. Who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021?
    Ans. Donald trump
  9. When is World Suicide Prevention Day observed annually?
    Ans. 10 September
  10. Jayaprakash Reddy died in September 2020 in which field he belongs
    Ans. Film Industry

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