Gujarati Stickers for WhatsApp

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Gujarati Stickers for WhatsApp – Gujju Stickers apps can send you Gujarati or stickers in WhatsApp.

With this app you can create your own personal stickers with background eraser in the app. You can WAStickerApps support stickers, personal text stickers, personal cartoon stickers etc. with the sticker editor in the app.

There are stickers in different languages ​​like Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu / Tamil stickers, Marathi, Kannada and we are adding stickers in different languages ​​for apps every day.

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Pack of newly added stickers:
Valentine’s Day stickers for WhatsApp.
Merry Christmas stickers for WhatsApp.
Happy New Year to WhatsApp.
Good morning stickers.
Good night stickers.
Pubg stickers for WhatsApp.
Pubg phrases.
Happy Diwali Stickers Pack for WhatsApp.
Independence Day stickers for WhatsApp.
Lord Krishna stickers for WhatsApp.
God stickers for WhatsApp.
Islamic stickers for WhatsApp.
Ganapati Bapa Stickers.
Lord Hanumanji stickers.
Trend stickers.

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